Ingredients & Allergens

All of Ginger's Gluten Free Cupcakes LLC confections are home-baked with love, and a passionate dedication to providing the most amazing confections that are free of all sources of gluten (as well as all wheat and oat ingredients- for example, I do NOT use Fiorglut gluten free flour/deglutenized wheat starch or oat products. More information about Fiorglut gluten free flour below) .

I take great care to create high-quality baked goods that are free of gluten cross-contact, understanding the importance with my own health. All smallwares are dedicated for use with only gluten-free foods, and no gluten-containing flours or baking mixes are in our home. I employ a strict gluten-free preparation protocol from start to finish, from ingredient selection, to preparation, to packaging. 

I believe simple is best. I use wholesome ingredients, and all ingredients (and sub ingredients where applicable) are clearly labeled on every package.  


Special Allergies

My goal and specialty is to offer the most delectable gluten-free confections, but I do my best to accommodate those with additional dietary restrictions.

I have have many dairy-free.and vegan items on my menu. However, please keep in mind that, although smallwares are carefully and thoroughly cleaned before preparing these special orders, I do use shared smallwares with recipes containing dairy and eggs. Dairy-free and vegan items often contain coconut milk, almond oil and/or soy. If you have any questions, please reach out before placing your order and I would love to answer any questions you have. 

For those with egg, dairy, soy, peanut, and tree nut allergies: Many of my confection recipes do not contain these ingredients; however, please be aware that while I thoroughly clean smallwares and do everything I can to prevent contact between egg/dairy/soy/peanut/tree nut-containing recipes, and those that do not have them in the recipes... I use common smallwares with recipes that contain these allergens.


***About Fiorglut gluten-free flour and other deglutenized wheat starch. These products are becoming more popular in the gluten free world, but I will never use them. They are wheat products that have had the gluten removed, and have been deemed safe for celiac diets. However, they are NOT safe for anyone with wheat allergies, including myself. You can rest assured my baked goods will never contain any wheat or oat ingredients (oat is my other food allergy), and of course NO gluten of any type, and are completely gluten-free, due to the protocol I carefully follow as discussed at length above,