Welcome, Gluten-Free Friends!

Ginger's Gluten Free Cupcakes LLC is an exclusively gluten-free licensed home bakery located in Warren, Ohio. Learn how orders are placed here. Take a gander through this site to discover my ever-expanding menu of gluten-free cakes and cupcakes (over 70 flavors!), cookie cakes, jumbo cookies, gourmet  specialty cookies, pies, kolache, cinnamon rolls, gourmet pastries, cheesecakes and more. I am constantly developing new menu items. I especially love to create gluten-free versions of items that are very difficult to find, such as lady locks (clothespin cookies), pies, kolache, cannoli and more. There's always something exciting being developed in our kitchen!

Looking for something you don't see here? Please contact me any time. Custom cakes are available by special order. Please don't hesitate to ask!