Cake Transportation & Storage

All of my cakes are baked the same day you pick them up. Fresh, delicious, and beautiful cakes are very important to me.  Once your cake leaves my care, I can no longer be responsible for any damages that occur, in transport or in your home, so please take a few moments to read these tips to help your cake look as beautiful and taste as delicious as when it was picked up from my home bakery. If you have specific questions about the care of your cake, please ask.  I am most happy to help! Few things make me happier than to see party photos later with a cake I baked and pridefully decorated sitting beautifully on your party table, ready for all to enjoy.

  • ​Before leaving, please look your cake over carefully to make sure all details are correct. 
  • Place both hands under the bottom of your cake box to distribute the weight evenly when carrying.  Please carry delicately.
  • Please be careful not to squeeze the sides of your box.
  • Please arrive in a vehicle with space large enough to carry your cake. Consider both width and height.
  • Transport your cake safely:
    • Place cakes in the flattest part of your vehicle: floorboard or SUV flat bed space is best. Your seats are not a good location.  Most have some slope to them, and all it takes is a few degrees of slope to cause damage.
    • Holding a cake is not recommended.
    • Be sure items are not stacked around your cake that can fall or slide into your box.
  • Pets and children are resourceful…especially when the scent of fresh cake surrounds them. It is recommended to keep out of their reach 😊
  • If possible, go DIRECTLY to your cake's final destination.  Your decorations are made with creamed butter, and are delicate. Every little bump, every little curve, every stop and go affects the solidity of your cake. Warm buttercream can and will slide down the sides of your cake.  Reduce the risk by going straight to where the cake will be served. If this is not possible, please take to a cool location and refrigerate until it is time to transport there.
  • If traveling long distances with your cake, please let me know 24 hours or more before pickup so I can chill well before you arrive, which will help to stabilize it.  Place the cake into the refrigerator for an hour or so on arrival to firm everything back up again.
  • Be sure your cake is not near a floorboard heater or in direct sunlight.  Cakes need to stay below 72 degrees to avoid melting.  Never leave them in an un-air-conditioned car, even for a few minutes.  Direct sun through glass will also melt your cake and destroy its structure.
  • Because the cake needs to stay below 72 degrees please keep that in mind when you place the box at its final destination. Windows with sunlight coming in, ovens, heaters, etc. all need to be avoided.
  • Your cakes are best enjoyed at room temperature, but cakes containing Fresh Fruit, Cream Cheese Icing, Swiss Meringue frosting, and Perishable Fillings should be refrigerated if being held longer than 2 hours, for food safety. Your cake ingredient label will say “KEEP REFRIGERATED” if refrigeration is required. Allow to come to room temperature before serving and promptly wrap and refrigerate any leftovers.
  • If your party is postponed, you can preserve your cake by completely wrapping the cake box with cling film/saran wrap and then placing your into the refrigerator for up to two days.  (The saran wrap will help hold in moisture and reduce condensation later when bringing it back to room temperature. Some refrigerators dehydrate foods quickly, so carefully wrapping the box is important.)  If the party is postponed longer than two days, you can place your wrapped box into the freezer for about a week.  24 hours before the party, bring the cake to room temperature (or place in refrigerator if refrigeration is required as shown on the ingredient label- then allow to come to room temperature before serving), but keep the boxed cake wrapped in the cling wrap until ready to serve.  This should help reduce condensation. 
  • Cake is best enjoyed on the day you receive it or the next day. If you are scheduling your pick-up earlier than that, please ask me how best to store your cake or if I would recommend another option (for example, a cake with fresh fruit does not store well due to the perishable nature of fresh fruit, so advance pick-up is never recommended. Freezing fresh fruit is never recommended, as it will have a change of texture upon thawing.)
  • All cupcakes, except those garnished in fresh fruit, DO freeze beautifully for up to 3 months, and can be refrigerated for up to 7 days. Please keep in their original, or an airtight, container.