Gluten-Free Brier Hill Pizza

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Mahoning Valley does it best! Is there any pizza in the world like Brier Hill? Handmade thick GF crust, covered with homemade old world red sauce, roasted green peppers, and romano cheese. YOU WILL BE AMAZED BY THIS PIZZA CRUST. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

🍕Order with or without pepperoni, and add the additional toppings of your choice. 

🍕After adding to your cart, please specify in the notes section how you want the toppings, if you ordered more than one pizza so I am clear about what you want. For example, one pizza with mushrooms, and one pizza with onions and mozzarella)

🍕Pizzas are fresh baked and boxed for pickup, but are not served hot (I allow to cool before boxing). They are ready to heat and serve at home. Pizzas not immediately heated and served should be tightly wrapped and refrigerated or frozen. They reheat in a conventional oven on a baking sheet absolutely beautifully!

🍕I'm sorry, I am unable to add half toppings. Additional pepperoni and other types of meats are not available, as I am bound by bakery licensing regulations regarding amount and types of meats. 

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