D) Gluten-Free Letter & Number Elegance Cakes



Ordering and pick-up is so easy!

Please place your order for these menu items for pick-up at our bakery no less than 2 business days in advance (large orders should be placed as early as possible, and special deadlines may apply during holiday weeks).  Appointments for pick-up are scheduled at our Warren licensed home bakery. We are located on the east side of Warren, off of East Market St. Our address and directions are provided when you schedule your pick-up after placing your order. To schedule your pick-up at our Warren licensed home bakery, please follow the link provided on the order confirmation page after your order is placed. 

Special order deadlines may apply during holiday times.

ALL PICK-UP SCHEDULES AND ANY SPECIAL ORDER DEADLINES ARE LISTED IN DETAIL ON THIS PAGE: https://gingerscupcakes.com/pages/how-to-order-where-to-find-us



Two varieties of cake elegance from which to choose. 

Letters and numbers are available and packaged individually. Each number and letter is approximately 13" tall (width varies based on character) Feel free to order as many as you would like, for example, a 6 and a 3 for someone's 63rd birthday. They can be removed from their boxes and set next to each other on a party table for a gorgeous presentation!


Because the edges of these cakes are "naked" (not sealed with frosting) it is recommended to order for pick-up the same day (24 hours before at the earliest) as your event to ensure the cake remains beautifully moist when you serve it. Please check my business hours before placing your order to make sure I have pick-ups on the day of your event. Leftovers can be stored in a airtight container to retain moisture. 

If you would like to order a custom version of these cakes (for example, strawberries and chocolate, or with other special adornments), please do not order here. Please visit this link to inquire about a custom cake. I would love to make your cake vision a reality. Thank you! 


 Please click on this link for Storage and Preparation Suggestions